Who am I?

Education Graduated from the University of Copenhagen 1988 as a Master of Science in the fields of Computer Science and Mathematics.
Previous occupations From 1988-2006 I worked mainly as a programmer of Digital Signal Processors using assembly language and a little C developing for processors from Analog Sevices and Texas Instruments.
The applications included radio/tv transmission system, audio compression algorithms (MPEG 2), satelite telephones and GSM telephones.
Current occupation High school teacher in Mathematics and Computer Science
Programming languages Misc. assembler languages, Pascal, Fortran, Cobol, Ada, LISP, Prolog, Java, Occam, Modula2, Basic
Natural languages Danish and English. Improving my skills in French, read and understand Swedish and Norwegian. Rudimentary knowledge of German and Russian
Sports Skiing, rollerskating, hockey, floorball and windsurfing
Voluntary work Rollerskating instructor